Flare Ignitors provides a staff of field service representatives to supervise installation and start-up of your rental or permanent flare equipment.

Our firsthand knowledge of onshore and offshore exploration, well testing, and pipeline blow-down flare systems ensures a fast and safe start-up with 24 hours of field service supervision.

Flare Ignitors offers our customers the flexibility to provide a custom flare system. We also stand by to assist with maintenance, repairs and tip retrofits and replacements. Our manufacturing division is an ASME Code Facility. Alliances with several flare companies allow ease on major flare projects from the tip to specialized parts.

We offer through Flare Inspection services, including check list items such as:

• Tip Integrity   • Pilots and Thermocouples   • Utility Supply Systems
• Piping and Connections   • Insulation and Jacketing   • Molecular Seals
• Platforms   • Ladders   • Guyed Cables

If your requirement is not in our fleet of rental equipment, we can build a package to your specifications and provide an option to purchase at the end of the terms. We also offer flexible lease terms to meet your cash flow and production forecasts from month-to-month to multi-year contracts. An assortment of service contracts are offered to relieve clients of all routine and emergency responsibilities.

Put your confidence in Flare Ignitors to handle all of your flaring needs. We stand ready with high quality, reliable products and services - 24 hours a day / 365 days a year.